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Why Blue Moon Studios?

Blue Moon Studios is an award-winning, full service direct response commercial production company. Our reputation for creating winners on television and online, has drawn the biggest names in the industry to partner with us over the years including: Ontel, Allstar, Telebrands, Idea Village, Merchant Media and more. Our ability to evolve and stay agile in today's ever-changing marketplace has been a key factor in reaching younger, more diverse audiences, new product categories, and maximizing our client's revenues.

Recent Winners

A look at some of our latest productions

  • Arctic Air YouTube poster
    Arctic Air
  • Chill Chest YouTube poster
    Chill Chest
  • Finishing Touch Yes YouTube poster
    Finishing Touch Yes
  • Finishing Touch Yes - Spanish YouTube poster
    Finishing Touch Yes - Spanish
  • Handy Heater YouTube poster
    Handy Heater
  • MicroTouch YouTube poster
  • MicroTouch One YouTube poster
    MicroTouch One
  • MicroTouch Tough Blade YouTube poster
    MicroTouch Tough Blade
  • Oxi Clean YouTube poster
    Oxi Clean
  • Rocky Mountain Tumbler YouTube poster
    Rocky Mountain Tumbler
  • Simply Straight YouTube poster
    Simply Straight
  • Snuggie 10 Year Anniversary YouTube poster
    Snuggie 10 Year Anniversary

A Look at Our Commercials Through The Years.

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people are talking

  • "Blue Moon is the only production company that combines the quality of the top consumer products companies with tried and true direct response fundamentals. This has resulted in beautiful commercials that sell - an incredible combination!"
    Andy Khubani - President and CEO Ideavillage
  • "Blue Moon's track record for successful commercial productions speaks for itself - but they are much more than a production company - they are a marketing partner. From product positioning to retail packaging, their creative contributions result in high quality commercials and seamless marketing campaigns. Their abilities and understanding of DRTV has been critical to several of our successful product promotions."
    Michael Antino Jr. - President Merchant Media, LLC
  • "DRTV producers wear many hats - writer, director, editor - and most only do one thingy particularly well. Fred is one of the rare exceptions. He is particularly good in the 'ideas phase' of a project, often coming up with the key selling mesage or killer demonstration that makes a spot a hit. In other words, when he comes to the table he brings a lot more than just a camera."
    Jordan Pine - President SciMark Consultants
  • "Blue Moon Studios had 11 productions among Jordan Whitney's Top 100 Short-Form Spots for 2007, more than any other short-form production company. They also received 5 Awards of Short-Form Excellence for 2007, including production of Wallet Pix for IdeaVillage, which was selected as the Best Short-Form Production of 2007 by Jordan Whitney."
    Clare Kogler - President Jordan Whitney, Inc.
  • "Working with Blue Moon is always a pleasure. We consider them to be one of the top short form direct response companies in the industry."
    Chuck Khubani - President Ontel Products Corp.
  • "Blue Moon Studios delivers consistent quality productions, on time and on budget. More importantly, they get results! From script to screen, Fred Vanore and his team have always been professional, creative and responsive to my clients' needs."
    Paul Moriarty - Consultant Church & Dwight
  • "Blue Moon has been a key component in our most successful campaigns. Their overall creative and the winners they have produced time and time again, speak for themselves."
    Scott Boilen - President All Star Marketing
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Award Winning Campaigns

Blue Moon Studios Has Received Dozens of Awards

  • Best Short Form Direction

    Best Short Form Production of the Year

    Best Short Form Writing

  • Best Short Form Beauty Presentation

    Best Short Form Offer

    Best Short Form Direction

  • Best Short Form Electronics Product Presentation

    #1 Ranking on the Jordan Whitney Top 60

    Most Innovative Short Form Hardware Presentation